Three Key Nutrients that provides our bodies with calorie

Food is fuel. Our bodies require Nutrients to live, and we get that Nutrients from the foods we eat. This means all foods, from the common snacks you can buy in the convenience stores to pure organic foods available at specialty shops. Regardless, you need food to live and survive. What is necessary for a good healthy life and lifestyle, is a well balance diet of the Key Nutrients. There are three Key Nutrients that provides our bodies with calories, carbohydrates provides 4 colories per gram , protein provides 4 calories per gram and fats provide 9 calories per gram. A well balanced diet should consist of healthy: carbohydrates, healthy proteins and healthy fats.This blog will look ateach one of these key nutrients Recent trends in dieting and media tell you that carbohydrates are bad. What is bad are the simple carbohydrates – such as table sugar – that should be limited in your daily diet. Complex carbohydrates, whole grains and fruits, are necessary for brain function. Complex carbohydrates digest more slowly than simple carbohydrates, meaning you stay fuller, longer. Whole grains and fruits are also rich in fiber, another vital component of a healthy diet that helps regulate blood glucose – the body’s sugar that creates the energy we use to live. Our body is constantly repairing itself. To that end, proteins are those building blocks. The basic elements of a protein are amino acids, and we require nine of the 20 known for daily life. While our bodies can create some essential building blocks, these nine proteins cannot be made in the body. Choose lean meats, eggs, dairy and beans for the best proteins available. Fat is not a dirty word despite what some people would have you think. Good fats, such as nuts, oily fish and vegetable oils are important for proper growth. A portion of each daily meal should have a portion of healthy fat.

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