Creator-founder , Keynutrients+fiber

Margie A. Smith is a nutrition specialist from the Ohio State University for more than 29 years, she created Key Nutrients Plus Fiber out of her love for children and living a healthy lifestyle. Her lifelong dream has been to completely eliminate childhood obesity. The Key Nutrients + Fiber characters are the culmination of the dream and have helped create proper nutrition and healthy habits in children and adults.

Mrs. Smith’s real life experience means her goal of keeping childhood obesity at bay is fast coming to fruition. By reaching children in their early, formative years she is able to start good eating and living habits and keep bad habits away. Learning about Key Nutrients + Fiber is the pathway to a healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission

Welcome to KNPF

Childhood obesity and poor nutrition habits are a plague on society. Key Nutrients + Fiber is dedicated to teaching children about positive eating habits and good nutrition. The Key Nutrients + Fiber characters entertain and educate children and adults and serve as the catalyst for making these positive choices. Key Nutrients + Fiber understands the health epidemic of childhood obesity. We are
dedicated to making a positive impact on health with a balanced nutrition program for generations to come.