Welcome to Keynutrients+fiber, where our goal is to create evidence-based, educative, and entertaining food and nutrition education materials for children, teachers and whoever may find them useful for health and wellness. Our headquarters is located at Cincinnati Ohio. KNPF is a private establishment that is equipped with a team of nutritional professionals who are expert in using resources to teach learners.

Key Nutrients Plus Fiber has created hundreds and thousands of health and nutritional resources and has not stopped creating more contents that meet the demands of the users. Items like entertaining books, games, memorable nutrition lessons and much more are used to deliver to our audience.

KNPF is created out of passion. Childhood obesity and poor nutrition habits are a plague on society; hence, Key Nutrients + Fiber is dedicated to teaching children about positive eating habits and good nutrition. The goal of eliminating and minimizing childhood obesity continues to break forth with our unrelenting efforts. KNPF’s unique approach of reaching children in their early, formative years helps to aid them to start eating and living good habits and keep away bad habits. This is a huge success for us.

Our Vision

To eliminate and minimize childhood obesity by ensuring that every kid is healthy, active and ready to learn.

Our Mission

To entertain, mobilize and educate kids, teachers, parents, and communities to embrace healthy eating and build healthier environments where kids thrive. The Key Nutrients + Fiber characters entertain and educate children and adults and serve as the catalyst for making these positive choices.

Our History

KNPF (Key Nutrients Plus Fiber) is an initiative of Margie A. Smith, a nutrition specialist from the Ohio State University with over 29 years of experience in health and nutrition. Her passion for children and healthy lifestyle led her to the creation of Key Nutrients Plus Fiber. Margie A. Smith has dreamt and set a goal to eliminate childhood obesity globally, especially the United States.

Since the establishment of the Key Nutrients + Fiber, the project has been experiencing successes as evidenced by proper nutrition and healthy habits among children and adults. Arising from her real-life experience, Mrs. Smith discovered that learning about Key Nutrients + Fiber is the pathway to a healthy lifestyle. Key Nutrients + Fiber understands the health epidemic of childhood obesity; hence, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on health with a balanced nutrition program for generations to come.

Who we are

The Key Nutrients + Fiber contains a group of nutritionists who use their professional experiences to fight malnutrition, undernourishment, poor nutrition, and childhood obesity by helping the populace using educational tools to make kids become nutrition literates and live healthier. We believe everyone has a role to play in achieving our goal of putting nation’s childhood obesity at bay; hence, KNPF partners with a variety of dedicated volunteers such as the kids, parents, health and nutrition expert, teachers, and much more.

Mrs. Smith is committed to going an extra length to curb poor nutrition and ensure children embrace proper nutrition culture throughout their lifetimes. We believe that if we catch them young, they will continue to live with it.

What we offer

One may wonder how we achieve our goals with constant curricular changes, testing requirements, and unpredictable medium of communication. KNPF offers varieties of entertaining and interesting tools and resources to disseminate health and wellness information to the kids and other users to educate them on healthy eating and better prepare them to eat nutritious foods each day.

Our products and services include stage by stage health and nutritional:

  • Books,
  • Posters,
  • Brochures,
  • Tee-shirts,
  • Teacher’s manual,
  • Coloring books,
  • And much more.

Our Audience

Key Nutrients Plus Fiber serves a wide range of audiences, which are not limited to children, parents, teachers, nutritionists, health specialists, diet experts, and education sectors. Altogether, KNPF can help millions of children and health and nutrition stakeholders all over the world by providing healthy nutrients, diets, and quality health education through our various educative nutrition resources.

Why choose KNPF?

Key Nutrients Plus Fiber has won the hearts of many of our users through our unique tools to educate kids on the need to eat healthy diets and be on top of their overall wellness. We have all it takes to deliver on our promises and help your children understand the importance of eliminating and preventing childhood obesity in our nation.

Below and not limited to the following are attributes that make us stand out among our competitors:

  • We are equipped with nutrition specialists from different fields of health and diet professions.
  • We pride ourselves to creating health and nutrition materials to educate our clients.
  • Key Nutrients Plus Fiber is committed to being accurate, current, and engages our users to help them stay healthy.
  • We have in our team, professional editors who screen all our tools and resources to meet dietary guidelines and professional health agencies such as WHO, USDA, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and other related professional bodies.
  • All our works and tools are original and not copied. KNPF works with professional writers, photographers, and graphics designers to create contents that meet the demands of the users.

Our Contact

For more info about our products and offers, don’t hesitate to contact on 513-237-5359 or Email us @ key2life63@gmail.com